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Lake House and Deck West Milford

by admin

“Initially, I contacted a few companies in order to get an idea about how much it would set me back to have my decks stained and weatherproofed.  What set H & R Painting and Deck Care apart was the professionalism they displayed by personally coming to my house and going over the estimate with me.  The other couple companies I called never set an appointment and ended up coming when I was not home.  All I received from the other companies was a scribbled estimate in my mailbox.  Normally, I’m a do-it-yourselfer, but the scope of this project was a bit out of my ability.  There are 3 levels of decking and it would have taken me forever to accomplish this with my heavy work schedule.  My wife and I had just bought the house, and it was obvious that the exterior maintenance of the house had been neglected for a while.  Upon walking the decks, I asked if the siding that was closest to the deck could be cleaned.  It had some green algae growth on it as the house is right on a lake.  They told me that they could pressure wash all the siding on the whole house.  I was skeptical at first, as I thought the siding was shot.  I was ready to rip it off and do it over and they talked me out of that.  Man, was I glad they did that because after the pressure washing, I couldn’t believe how good they looked.  They looked brand new, and this was before they were even stained!
We then began to inspect an area of the deck that didn’t feel so solid to me.  After they removed some boards, we found that all the wood was rotted underneath.  They worked together with me to come up with a plan, as they did on every aspect of the whole job.  It became apparent that ripping it all up and redoing it was the only option.  What made it more complex was that a staircase came down to that level.  Upon inspection of the staircase, we found the stringers to be in bad shape, as was the rest of the stairs.  After they were removed, they waited for me to get home from work to go over some ideas of how to proceed (as they had done many other times)  One of the guys came up with the idea of a spiral staircase, since it would take up less space.  What a great idea, and the next week, I found one on Craigslist.  These guys helped me get it transported back to my house!  After that, they came up with a plan of the placement of the staircase, and up it went.  They also cleaned it all up and repainted it and it looked brand new.
After being so pleased with the way the exterior came out, I asked them to paint some rooms on the 2nd floor of the house.  The walls of these rooms were just plain ugly and in bad shape.  After completion, the rooms looked completely different and excellent.
After all was done, the place looks great.  Everything about the job exceeded my expectations.  They included me on every decision and every recommendation they made was spot on.  They were punctual for every appointment and lines of communication were always open.  On top of that, they are the most friendly and outgoing people.  Although the scope of the project went way beyond what I initially expected, all due to the unexpected things we encountered during the process, they adjusted their schedule accordingly and made it happen.  Yes, it was more than I set out to spend, but it was worth every penny.  It became increasingly obvious that the provider of work of this nature, should not be chosen solely based on the initial estimate, but on the quality and value of their previous jobs.  I can say, beyond a doubt, that this was the best experience I’ve ever had in hiring a company to do work for me.  I will certainly have them back to do any additional work, and I would recommend them to any one of my family and friends that need work done.  I hardly ever write reviews, especially ones this long, but I felt compelled to in this case.
This is a list of the work they did.
Pressure washing and cleaning of decks and cedar siding on house and sheds.
Staining of decks and cedar siding on house and sheds.
New construction of middle level of decking.
Repairs to several wooden retaining walls (part of decks).
Leveling of various aspects of deck for proper water runoff.
Removal of old deck rails and new construction of deck rails at proper height.
Various other deck repairs.
Removal of existing staircase.
Installation of new spiral staircase.
Repairs of existing cedar siding.
Painting of spiral staircase.
Interior painting of all rooms on 2nd floor.
Brian W.
West Milford NJ
Interior wall repair.

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