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Interior Perfection

by admin

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“They repaired wall and ceiling nail pops, dings, and any other ceiling and wall imperfections we marked using small post it notes. (And I marked many!), wall sanding. repair small area of damaged sheet rock adjacent to shower tile. caulk along one side of bathroom sink and wall. Painting of master bedroom, hall, master bathroom, and trim. Ceiling paint touch up with flat latex hide. touch up dining room ceiling with latex hide.   I contacted H&R on a Saturday via e-mail and received an email response back that day. Through e-mail we scheduled an estimate the following Wednesday when Mike was going to be in the area on another job. On this Wednesday the time to meet did not work for my schedule , however Mike made arrangements for a morning estimate instead of a later time. Mike arrived on time and was friendly and efficient. He suggested NOT painting our ceiling because it was in great shape except for the nail pops. Of course I was a bit skeptical , but trusted him. We felt comfortable, and also knew our neighbor was happy with H&R so we scheduled H&R, and planned on the following week – Tuesday or Wednesday start. We bought all the paint in the amounts Mike suggested. Mike called as scheduled on Monday to confirm Tuesday start. We chose to move furniture and take off switch plates, bathroom fixtures etc, and covered our hardwood floors leading to the bedroom. When H&R arrived Mike and his two co-workers got down to business and covered up any remaining furniture and flooring, and work began. The next day they further took care of minor imperfections I tagged, and then they finished up the rest of the wall painting and trim. In addition, Mike was right. the ceilings look great after the repairs and just touch up painting is all they needed. Someone else may have just done the whole ceiling wether or not it needed it. We appreciated that very much. Everything was done the second day, and when I returned home everything was vacuumed up, and the furniture was returned back to its place. There was no clean up for us. The walls looked beautiful with no imperfections. We chose flat for the bathroom walls because it is a smaller room, and we did not want to see any imperfections. Well, guess what? We don’t see any. In the bedroom we chose a matte finish and again We were worried about seeing imperfections because of the slight sheen to a matte finish. Guess what? We don’t see any. The work they did is beautiful and professional. H&R is efficient and worth the investment. Also, they are friendly and are not satisfied unless you are satisfied. Overall, we are both very happy, everything went as planned, no surprises, and we would hire H&R again. Lastly, the estimate was right on. Again, no surprises.”

Carolyn J

Sussex NJ


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