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Power washing and Painting

by admin

 “This was for an exterior paint job but who knows when I might want the inside of my house painted – these are the guys to use. They
power washed entire house, patio, front steps and roof.  Painted garage and trim/windows and billco door.
After the power washing I couldn’t recognize my patio.  The patio and the house looked brand new.  And he didn’t have to do the walkway between the garage and house, or the front steps, but he did them anyway as a surprise.
For the painting, it looks like I have a new house.  When I bought this house 5 years ago it needed to be painted.  So by now it really needed it.  Now it’s fantastic.  They even removed a broken light fixture and moved it to a location where no one would notice it was broken, then they put the nice fixture up front where people could see it and they also repainted them a totally different color which was amazing since I only provided one paint color for the house job.  (the fixtures were black so they used a nice black paint for those).  They didn’t have to do it and went above and beyond.
The painting team was very friendly and polite.  You can tell they really enjoy their work.
They did a lot of extra work they didn’t charge me for.”
Michele B
Hopatcong NJ

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