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Deck Wash & Weather Seal


Enjoy your summer. Let us take the hassle and mess out of deck maintenance. We will give you the best possible service and results only a top quality professional cleaner can deliver. The following steps show how we clean, restore, and protect your deck.

Step 1
Pre-soaking your deck with a mild cleaner helps loosen dirt, kill algae, and mildew.

Step 2
A thorough cleaning using powerful specialized equipment with new rotary technology to increase our cleaning power.

Step 3
Rinse off your house and plants. When necessary we apply a post was wood brightener. This helps brighten the wood as it dries. For the best results the deck will need a minimum of 48 hours of drying time in dry weather conditions, 24 hours after a natural rainfall is usually sufficient.

Step 4
We sand your handrails to avoid splinters and hammer any loose or protruding nails. Then we clear the deck of all dust and debris using a powerful backpack blower. Next we protect your house by carefully taping plastic sheeting along the areas that are being treated to stop any sealant from damaging your home.

Step 5
The sealant of your choice will be applied to your deck using a high pressure airless spraying system. We use this method for several reasons:

  • It applies a more even coat.
  • It gets even into the tight spaces in between the planks where brushes
    and rollers can’t reach.
  • Fewer drips and runs.
  • It allows us to apply a heavier coating for longer lasting protection.

Step 6
Enjoy your beautifully restored deck as much as possible!

If you feel that your deck has been severelly neglected, please ask us about our Deck Tune Up Service.